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Dragonball Durag-Birthday Greeting Card

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Introducing 'Dragonball Durag'

Why are birthdays so important? Why must we send greeting cards to our friends, families, colleagues, etc. on their birthdays?

Well, having a big day per annum that's uniquely their own may be a significant part of everyone's growth process. That goes an extended way towards building one's self-esteem. It is also a superb opportunity for the birthday boy or birthday girl to socialize with their friends and have exciting parties which will leave beautiful birthday images and memories in everyone's life.

Wish somebody a cheerful birthday with a Happiness card and a sweet sentiment. this is often the perfect greeting card for your coolest dearest companion, sweetheart, or spouse, who consistently looks great regardless.

Our Dragonball Durag-Birthday card cover page highlighted, a Black man with a beard looking to the side, wearing drag and glowing during a serene green light. inside the vacant space inside you'll compose something you would possibly want for your dearest companion, sweetheart, spouse, sweetheart, or another most loved individual. you will Send wants for a bright big day with a card that reminds him/her of what extent he appreciates this is often the right greeting card for your boyfriend, or husband, to cherish and be reminded how good he looks during a drag.

(Approx 148mm x 210mm // 250gsm)