Avila Chidume: Avila.Diana

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Avila’s background as a Law student with a lifelong passion for human rights inspired her to develop her business, Avila.Diana, with the Enternship Grant Fund opportunity.

Avila.Diana is a greetings card company which represents underrepresented groups in its products. Avila’s hand-designed cards feature individuals from BAME, LGBT, and disabled communities (among many others) - filling a huge gap in the existing greetings card market.

Over the summer, Avila built her personal confidence and enterprise skills through the Enternship programme. By undertaking the programme and speaking to mentors, industry experts, and fellow Enterns about Avila.Diana, Avila affirmed the identity of her business and developed her vision for its future.

Avila also oversaw the development of her website, which sells a huge range of her beautiful and unique designs, and even offers the option to commission a personalised card.

The amazing progress Avila achieved over the summer is reflected in several exciting developments for her business. Avila is featured in the BHM edition of Wessex Scene for her groundbreaking work in ensuring equal representation, and as of October 2019, her cards are now stocked in the Students’ Union shop on campus.



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